Emmanuel Maker

My name is Emmanuel Esposito and I was born in Italy in 1983 and I spent all my younger years experimenting with different creative passions using the creativeness of my hands.
I grew up in my grandfather workshop and I learned from him how to transfer my ideas in to a real project.
I started thinking about knives when I was fifteen years old and after my first experiment I found out about the " Knife World ".
I bought my first magazines and books and I ended up visiting my first custom knife show in Milan.

My passion for knives started growing inside of me and within few years I became a member of the Italian Guild.
I started making fixed blade, but soon moved on to integral and eventually ended up making folders.
In folders I found that I could really express all my passion for combining intricate mechanism with design.

A big step for my career was the decision to attend to my first show in the USA. With the help of a collector friend of mine I contacted the promoter of the N.Y. Show and after showing him my work I got a table for the 2008 ECCK show.
I decided to make a drastic change and bring with me to the USA new original knife designs with new and original locking mechanism.

My passion for watchmaking pushed me to bring some of that art and precision into my knifemaking, while creating my own style and coming up with my first patent for a lock mechanism, the C-LOCK in 2010. A mechanism based on a original ball bearing pivot system.

I have always been fascinated from Juergen Steinau's ultra precise work, especially admiring his mosaic inlay. After talking to Juergen I started to design my own patterns with planning to create an original three dimensional effect utilizing the different color- reflections are present in the surface of the black lip pearl.

I soon realized that " Old and New " mixed together cleverly in my knives was looking good so I also created handle inlay with various types of carbon fiber, gold and mother of pearl.

In 2010 I became a full time knife maker and have attended many knife show in the USA and Europe. I was honored to be invited to the Solvang show for the first time in 2012.

The greatest honor of all my career was being voted as a member of the San Diego AKI. Attending as a guest maker in the 2013 edition and voted by the members to be part of the group in 2015.

I feel that I was very lucky in my life, I have a wonderful family, can do the job that I love so much to do and have great friends all over the World, interesting people, collectors and knifemakers.

Becoming a knifemaker truly change my life.


Fom the David Darom book " The World of Art Knives III “